Educating Communities
on Health Opportunities

ECHO is a substance abuse prevention coalition that is working to promote healthy lifestyles free from substance abuse in youth and adults throughout Williams County. We do this with a focused effort on substance abuse education, awareness and prevention.

Shaping the healthiest and safest community

With support from our community partners, ECHO is committed to

  • Advocating for community-based substance abuse prevention programming and education
  • Generating awareness about healthy lifestyles throughout Williams County
  • Working to increase community safety

The Four County ADAMhs Board provides financial support to make the coalition’s work possible.

Collaboration and support for the coalition in Williams County comes from schools, public health, law enforcement, courts, civic groups, economic development, healthcare partners, mental health and treatment agencies, faith communities, and other partners in the community.

Everyone has a role in prevention

ECHO Coalition and our community partners are actively working to prevent and reduce substance abuse among the youth of Williams County, but we can’t do it alone. Everyone has a role to play in preventing substance abuse in our community.

With your help, we can reduce substance abuse among our youth today. Over time, these efforts will also impact the occurrence of substance abuse among adults. We start by addressing factors that increase the risk of substance abuse and raising awareness of the support services that are available to help. You can find a wealth of resources on our website for everything from talking to teens about substance abuse to mental health services and crisis hotlines.