Educating Communities on Health Opportunities

The ECHO Coalition was formed in 2017 to coordinate efforts to educate communities on healthy opportunities free from substance abuse. The ECHO Coalition seeks collaboration with all sectors of the community to work toward our vision. Our priorities, goals and objectives grow and evolve as we work together to achieve our vision of creating a safer and healthier community.

In 2021 we were awarded the Drug Free Support Program. The DFC support program funds community-based coalitions that engage multiple sectors of the community to prevent youth substance use with these goals in mind:

1. Establish and strengthen collaboration among communities, public and private non-profit agencies; as well as federal, state, local, and tribal governments to support the efforts of community collations working to prevent and reduce substance use among youth.

2. Reduce Substance use among youth and overtime, reduce substance abuse among adults by address the factors in a community that increase the risk of substance abuse and promoting the factors that minimize the risk of substance abuse.


ECHO (Educating Communities on Health Opportunities) will promote and advocate for healthy lifestyles free from substance abuse in youth and adults throughout Williams County.


Wellness and healthy lifestyles free from substance abuse across the lifespan of Williams County residents.


Collect behavioral health indicator data related to youth substance abuse (i.e., alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and vaping) and assess the need for community-based prevention programming.

Ensure access to a substance abuse prevention system to support youth and their families.

Foster alignment and planning of community-based substance abuse prevention services for youth and their families.

Implement evidence-based substance abuse prevention services to improve the behavioral health and well-being of youth and their families.

Analyze, evaluate and determine the impact of evidence-based youth substance abuse prevention efforts.

Coming Together to Collaborate

The ECHO Coalition is comprised of 12 different sectors of the community. The 12 sectors provide a unique perspective on the need for prevention in the Williams County community. The 12 sectors include parents, youth, schools, religious organizations, healthcare professionals, media, businesses, law enforcement, government, youth-serving organizations, substance abuse organizations, and civic/volunteer organizations.


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